About Master the Curriculum

Providing high-quality resources that are engaging, visual, and fun

We are a team who believe education for children should be fun. That’s why we’ve put together an extensive range of educational resources for primary school teachers.

To provide the best stand-out service we can, we focus on differentiated resources rather than numbers. By taking this stance, we can ensure all our worksheets are accessible to almost every child in your class. We believe accessibility creates a path that leads to mastery of the tasks undertaken by each child.

Why did we create Master the Curriculum?

We developed this website because we wanted to access free, reliable, and powerful differentiated resources we couldn’t readily find elsewhere. Sourcing the best resources takes time and energy – time that could be better spent planning lessons. We knew there was a need for accessible resources for primary school teachers. So, we created it ourselves. We’re continuing to add to it too. Bookmark us so you know where to come when you need worksheets for future lessons.

We provide a wide range of downloadable and printable educational resources relating to fluency, reasoning, and problem solving. These are arranged in year groups for easy access. Our aim is to make finding the best worksheets for your forthcoming lessons as easy as possible. This helps your pupils master the curriculum.

Created by teachers for teachers

All our resources are made by teachers – trained and qualified individuals who understand the importance of differentiation. This is what makes us stand apart from similar websites you may have seen.

Quite simply, we believe learning should not be differentiated by number. There are many scenarios where this idea isn’t appropriate. That’s why we differentiate through learning objective rather than number.

All children learn at a different pace. Opening the way to exploring targeted learning objectives via our downloadable resources is our aim. We believe children will gain mastery of various skills and tasks by using these resources.

Attaining mastery of a subject

As a child becomes more fluent in their mastery of differentiated tasks, they will improve their problem solving too. You’ll also find they become more engaged in the learning process. Our worksheets are designed to be fun for all children to tackle. They’re visual, eye-catching, and encourage dynamic and differentiated learning.

Learning should be enjoyable – that’s the backbone and idea behind Master the Curriculum. We’re proud to help many primary school teachers help their pupils with mastery of their learning objectives – day in, day out.

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