Year 1 Maths Worksheets and Teaching Resources

Help children in Year 1 get off to a great start with a variety of learning resources designed for the Year 1 maths curriculum.

As children enter Year 1, they get their first taste of formal education, and for many, the transition from the Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1 can involve some teething problems. For the first time, playtime doesn’t take centre stage in children’s day-to-day lives and little ones must spend more time sitting still and paying attention in the classroom.

But that doesn’t mean Year 1 learning has to be boring — quite the opposite! One of the best ways to ensure a smooth transition from Reception into Year 1 is to use fun educational maths resources that help children engage with the curriculum.

At Master the Curriculum, we believe education should be as enjoyable and engaging as possible, especially for Year 1 children. We’ve developed a variety of Year 1 maths worksheets and learning resources designed to capture children’s attention and instil a love of learning early on.

We hope that with our Year 1 teaching resources, you can help children in your class get excited about education, and master Key Stage 1 maths. After all, we all know that getting off to a good start in Year 1 can help children acquire solid foundational knowledge and skills for the years of education ahead.

What Types of Year 1 Teaching Resources Do We Offer?

We’ve created a variety of resources to suit different learning styles and support differentiation in the classroom. All of our learning materials are highly visual and engaging and can help you teach children to master Year 1 maths.

Year 1 White Rose Maths Resources: Learning Materials Aligned With the White Rose Small Steps

Our Year 1 maths resources aren’t just aligned with the National Curriculum; they also go hand in hand with one of the most popular and effective approaches to mathematics: White Rose Maths (WRM)!

Whether you use our Year 1 maths worksheets, reasoning booklets or teaching slides, each of our resources is designed with the White Rose motto in mind: “Everyone Can Do Maths: Everyone Can!”

But for children to successfully grasp maths topics, they need to feel confident in their maths skills and develop strong foundational knowledge. That’s why our resources are aligned with the White Rose Maths small steps to progression.

When you browse our Year 1 resources, you’ll see that each resource has a clear learning objective, such as “Add and subtract one-digit and two-digit numbers to 20” or “Recognise, find and name a half as one of two equal parts of an object, shape or quantity”. These learning objectives match up to the White Rose small steps so you can find resources that are perfectly suited to where children are in terms of progress, and help them tackle new topics in a logical order.

Our White Rose-style resources also offer a combination of reasoning, problem-solving and fluency tasks that give little ones the chance to challenge themselves, consolidate their knowledge and learn basic concepts that will form the building blocks for more advanced lessons.

You can learn more about WRM and how our resources support this approach to learning by checking out our Supporting White Rose Maths Hub.

Differentiated Maths Worksheets

Maths worksheets are our speciality — children love our worksheets because they’re fun, visual and with differentiated reasoning tasks, children can deepen their knowledge and challenge their abilities.

We offer both individual worksheets (many of which are free!) and packs of weekly editable worksheets with enough resources for five maths lessons. These maths worksheets are printable and editable.

Teaching Slides

We know how valuable teaching slides can be when it comes to teaching and engaging the whole class. So we’ve created teaching slides that engage children with highly visual elements and interaction opportunities. Our slides include challenges and activities for your entire class, all complete with answers and reasoning.

Master the Curriculum members/a> can download slides for individual lessons, or packs of weekly teaching slides.

Interactive Maths Videos

Our interactive maths videos for Year 1 are the perfect resources for creating exciting maths lessons. With fun, animated characters and animals, our videos apply mathematical ideas to different situations and children are encouraged to help characters solve maths problems.

Year 1 Assessments

As children progress through primary and secondary education, assessments will become a vital part of their learning experience. We offer Year 1 assessments that are differentiated and not daunting in the slightest. These resources give children a fun and friendly introduction to the assessment process and help you monitor children’s academic progress to see whether or not they’re meeting learning objectives.

You can access some of our maths worksheets for free, but if you want to access all of our resources — including our interactive maths videos, weekly editable worksheet packs and teaching slides — sign up for a Year 1 Annual Membership for just £33.

Why Use Our Year 1 Maths Worksheets and Resources?

As a team of teachers, we know what it’s like spending hours looking for the right resources to support your lessons, which is why we created Master the Curriculum. Our resources are designed with teachers and pupils in mind — they can enrich children’s learning experience and help you save time on lesson planning.

Get Children Excited about Learning

Fun is at the heart of our educational resources — we believe that when children enjoy learning, lessons are more effective and memorable. With our resources, you can get children excited about learning. And by helping them become passionate about learning early on in their education, you’ll pave the way for their future academic success.

Streamline Year 1 Maths Lesson Preparation

We know what a headache lesson preparation can be, especially when you don’t know where to look for effective learning resources. By signing up for a Year 1 membership, you’ll always have access to learning materials to support your lessons. Our weekly editable teaching slides and worksheets can also help you plan week to week lessons for each term.

Help Children Master Maths

With varying levels of difficulty, our resources are perfect for teaching for mastery. Our learning materials can help you introduce mathematical ideas and give children the chance to implement and demonstrate what they’ve learned. And for children who grasp concepts quickly, many of our worksheets contain fluency activities to help them deepen their understanding of ideas.

Browse Our Downloadable and Printable Year 1 Maths Resources by Topic

We have maths resources for every topic in the Year 1 maths curriculum to help children develop a range of basic maths skills. By using our resources to help children tackle number and place value, geometry, measurements, fractions and more, you’ll help them develop the knowledge and skills they need to grasp more advanced concepts in the future.

To help you find the right resources for your lessons, we’ve organised our Year 1 maths resources by topic. You’ll find a variety of worksheets, teaching slides, tasks and activities to download and print within each topic.

Year 1 Resources

Getting off to a great start

We all know that making a good start in Year 1 can set a solid foundation for the years ahead. Which is why our Year ! resources are designed to help you give your pupils the support they need at this crucial time in their education.

With our pictorial and practical lessons, our resources will support you deliver the year 1 National Curriculum.

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