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Welcome to our Supporting White Rose Maths hub! Discover fun, engaging and teacher-approved resources that perfectly align with the White Rose Maths framework and the maths mastery approach.

Ever since White Rose Maths set out on their mission to help every child master maths, the organisation has taken the world of primary education by storm. Through resources, Schemes of Learning and yearly frameworks detailing small steps to progression, White Rose Maths has been helping teachers and parents turn children into confident young mathematicians. At the heart of White Rose Maths is maths mastery, an approach that’s sparked a positive, growth mindset towards mathematics in teachers, parents and pupils.

Here at Master the Curriculum, we’re thrilled to see so many primary school teachers and parents using White Rose Maths to enhance their lessons and get children engaged and excited about maths. Whether you’re using White Rose Maths resources, following the Schemes of Learning and the small steps to progression and/or taking a mastery approach to mathematics, White Rose Maths can transform children’s learning experience and attitude towards numeracy.

That’s why we offer resources aligned with the White Rose Maths framework and the National Curriculum. Each of our resources is designed to help children work towards maths mastery and have fun while doing so — because enjoyment can make a world of difference to children’s engagement with education.

Using White Rose Maths to Help Children Master Maths

The White Rose Maths mastery approach has seen tremendous success in schools all over the UK, helping children learn with a can-do attitude and embrace maths challenges with a smile. Lessons and resources influenced by White Rose focus on three concepts that help children work towards mastery.

Problem Solving

Through problem-solving lessons and activities, children are encouraged to use their mathematical skills and understanding to solve problems unfamiliar to them.


Maths reasoning tasks get children thinking about number problems logically so they can reach conclusions, find solutions and decide which methods to use and why.


Fluency tasks help children strengthen their foundational knowledge. They practise applying their skills and understanding to different number problems with varying contexts and levels of complexity, while independently choosing the method they use to tackle number problems successfully. Fluency brings together problem-solving and reasoning.

Discover Resources That Follow the White Rose Maths Small Steps to Progression

Maths mastery is a journey and to help youngsters on their way, so White Rose Maths has created “Small Steps to Progression”. These small steps break down which learning objectives children need to master, and in what order, to gain a deep understanding of maths topics, and gradually develop their reasoning and problem-solving skills.

There are small steps for each year group, sorted into blocks of weeks. For example, block one for Year 1 covers what children should learn between weeks one to three of the Autumn term. By following these steps, you can make sure children gain all of the foundational skills and knowledge they need to progress onto more complex and challenging lessons.

To help you work through the small steps with your class or with your child, we offer weekly resources that align with them. When you browse our maths resources by year group, you’ll find weekly packs of worksheets, teaching slides and lesson plans. These packs make it easy for you to follow the White Rose steps, save time on lesson planning and find resources that perfectly match your lessons and where children are in terms of progress.

Why Use Our White Rose Style Resources?

Designed with Mastery in Mind— We offer a huge range of primary maths resources that combine fluency, reasoning and problem-solving activities to help children on their journey to maths mastery.

Follow Clear Learning Objectives — Each one of our resources is designed to help children meet learning objectives that align with the White Rose Small Steps. You’ll have peace of mind knowing our resources suit your lessons perfectly and will help children build on their maths skills and understanding.

Assess Children’s Progress — We offer assessments and mini-assessments to help you check children have a firm understanding of the steps you’ve already covered. This way, you can make sure your class is ready to move on to more advance lessons.

Fun and Engaging Resources — Fun is at the heart of our White Rose style resources. Our learning materials engage children in maths and get them excited about learning with fun visual imagery, creative contexts and imaginative maths problems.

Explore Topics in Depth with Differentiated Resources — Our resources are differentiated by complexity so children can explore topics in-depth and improve their fluency.

Free and Premium Membership Options — We want to make sure everyone has access to high-quality, White Rose style resources. So we offer hundreds of free resources you can download instantly with a free membership. Or if you’d rather have unlimited access to all of our resources, you can sign up for a premium membership.

The Benefits of White Rose Maths for Schools: Transforming Lessons with a Mastery Approach

Help All Children Master Maths at a Similar Pace

White Rose inspired lessons meet the needs of all children and focus on helping them keep up, not catch up. The small steps for progression make sure all pupils master the same learning objectives and progress at a similar pace. No children should fall behind, and none should speed through content ahead of their classmates. Instead, children of all levels of attainment get the support they need to grasp topics and explore concepts in depth. Only once the whole class has a good understanding of one learning objective do teachers move onto more advanced lessons.

Build Children’s Confidence and Competence in Maths

Every teacher wants to see their class excel in all subjects and White Rose Maths resources and frameworks can help whole classes work towards maths mastery. A big part of the mastery approach is teaching children to adopt a growth mindset. Maths lessons should show pupils that anyone can become a master of maths if they put in the effort and get the support they need to succeed.

When children stop believing that they can’t do maths and adopt a more positive, proactive attitude to this subject, that’s when they can reach their full mathematical potential. They’re likely to feel more confident and engaged in lessons, and the more they embrace maths challenges, the easier it will be for them to develop skills and understanding.

Streamline Lesson Preparation

White Rose Maths takes a weight off your shoulders when it comes to lesson planning. With Schemes of Learning, yearly frameworks and detailed small steps to progression, you won’t have to worry about planning what to cover in lessons each day, week, month and term.

The clear learning objectives outlined in the small steps to progression also make it easy for you to find resources to complement lessons and help children progress.

Enhance Your Maths Lessons with White Rose Maths Resources

Explore our primary maths resources by year group and discover a wide range of resources that support White Rose learning and the small steps to progression. Enhance your lessons, make learning fun and teach for mastery with maths worksheets, teaching slides, lesson plans, reasoning booklets and more.

White Rose Maths for Parents:
Get Children Engaged in Learning at Home

The White Rose approach isn’t just for teachers to use in the classroom. You can also use White Rose Maths in your home learning to help your little one improve their confidence in mathematics. Practice makes perfect, and if your children are learning at home as well as at school, they’ll have a chance to delve deep into maths topics and develop a firmer understanding of the lessons covered in school. This knowledge and understanding can pave the way for more advanced maths.

White Rose Maths also makes it easier for you to support your child with their home learning tasks. As a busy parent, you don’t want to spend time trying to figure out exactly what children are learning at school, and you don’t have the time to learn topics for yourself so you can guide your child through it. You can use the White Rose Maths small steps as a schedule for your home learning sessions and you can find endless White Rose resources right here on the Master the Curriculum website. As homework will often be fluency or consolidation tasks, you won’t have to guide your child through number problems.

Help Little Ones Master Maths with Our White Rose Maths Resources