Early Years Maths Worksheets and Teaching Resources

Help children in reception get off to a great start with a variety of learning resources designed for the Early Years Curriculum.

As children enter Reception, it may be their first time in an educational setting. Early Years is all about learning through play and that’s where Master the Curriculum comes in.

We believe that educational learning should be fun, engaging and playful. We provide resources that children will enjoy and most importantly, link to the Early Years Foundation Stage. You’ll find a range of resources that also link to the new Development Matters framework and White Rose.

The new Development Matters Guidance places a large emphasis on subitising which Master the Curriculum is here to help with.

We have a category dedicated to this area.

We hope that with our Early Years teaching resources, you can help children in your class get excited about education, and master Early Years maths.

After all, we all know that getting off to a good start in reception can help children acquire solid foundational knowledge and skills for Key Stage 1.

Editable Worksheets

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White Rose Supporting

Reasoning Maths resources

What Types Of Early Years Teaching Resources Do We Offer?

Differentiated Tasks

We know that your children will be working at different levels, so we have created a variety of resources to suit different learning styles to support you in the classroom.

We always have the maths mastery approach and differentiated by complexity rather than number. Our resources are highly visual and engaging.

Early Years White Rose Maths Resources

Our Early Years Maths scheme resources aren’t just aligned with the Early Years Foundation Stage and Development Matters.

They also go hand in hand with one of the most popular maths scheme in mathematics- White Rose.

Editable Resources

We know every class has different needs and resources aren’t always ‘one size fits all’, so all of our maths worksheets and slides that are aligned with White Rose are fully editable.

You can make changes to our maths teaching resources to make them more suitable for your class- no more disregarding resources because they’re not quite right!

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