Frequently asked questions

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Will you be making more reasoning resources?

We have been adding reasoning to all of the worksheets. If your worksheet does not contain reasoning, it is in the process of being made! We have also recently added a whole section called Reasoning Hub. We have your reasoning covered!


What is different about this website?

We avoid differentiation by number- we want to take the mastery approach whereby all children are accessing the objective given with different scaffolds.


I have joined up but I cannot download the resources!
I receive an extraction message.

This happens on occasion to windows users. The solution is very simple. Save your document in a different location such as your desktop or documents. Once there, extract your document.


There's a mistake in the worksheets!

If you do spot an error, please send us a kind email and we will be right on it, ensuring it has been updated and sent back to you. [email protected]