Primary Maths Resources
for Home Learning

If you’re looking for primary maths resources to help your little ones master the maths curriculum, you’re in the right place.
Master the Curriculum offers a wide variety of maths resources for children in primary school.

We offer hundreds of free and premium resources that can help children explore new mathematical concepts and practice the skills they’ve already learnt. Most importantly, we design all of our learning materials to be fun, engaging and challenging. They include fun visual elements and help children apply maths skills and reasoning abilities to different contexts.
Enjoyment is at the heart of all our resources because we know that when education is made enjoyable, any child can master maths and get excited about doing so.

How Can We Help Primary Parents?

How Can We Help Primary Parents?

Primary Maths Resources

Whether you’re a homeschooling parent looking for resources to accompany lessons, or you’re hoping to boost your child’s academic performance with some extra-curricular maths activities, we have hundreds of primary maths resources for all types of home learning. Our learning materials are also perfect for parents hoping to keep their children engaged in education during the coronavirus school closures.

Educational Insights

Our education blog contains teaching tips, homeschooling advice, education news, and insights into the National Curriculum and educational psychology. We also share ideas for fun maths activities that you can complete with your children, and ways you can help your children engage in education.

Coronavirus Home Learning Support

The coronavirus school closures mean millions of children are currently out of school and missing valuable education. We want to help as many children as possible continue learning while schools are closed, so we’ve created a variety of resources to help parents during this difficult time. Our coronavirus home learning resources include a guide to homeschooling and a checklist for learning in lockdown, but you’ll find more advice on our blog.

We’ve also made many of our premium resources available for free so that you can keep your children engaged in education with a variety of learning materials.

COVID-19 Home Learning Schedule

With our COVID-19 home learning schedule, you can make sure your children continue learning at home. The schedule can also help children stick to a routine during the weeks or months they may spend off of school.

To access and download our home learning schedule, simply sign up for a free account using the form on this page and we’ll send it straight to your inbox.

What Types of Home Learning Maths Resources Do We Offer?

From 10-minute maths activities to weekly lesson plans and packs of worksheets and teaching slides, we have a huge variety of learning materials. Our resources can help you plan entire lessons, or you can use them as quick home learning activities.

  • Maths Worksheets — Our maths worksheets include engaging visual elements to help children visualise maths problems. Children can solve problems with the help of fun characters and imaginative contexts. Some of our maths worksheets are even superhero themed!
  • Weekly Lesson Plans — If you’re homeschooling your children, you’ll need to plan lessons that help them follow the national curriculum. As a team of teachers, we know lesson planning can be time-consuming and it can be hard to know where to start. So we’ve created weekly lesson plans to help you guide your children through core maths topics. We also have weekly packs of worksheets and teaching slides to accompany lesson plans.
  • Reasoning Booklets — Our reasoning booklets give children the chance to apply their mathematical understanding to new challenges. Each booklet includes a number of tasks children can complete in lessons, or as extra-curricular learning activities.
  • 10-Minute Maths Activities — These bitesize activities are perfect for a quick homework activity, or to kick off a homeschool maths lesson. They’re the perfect work out for young brains.
  • Assessment Materials — Assessments are a great way to monitor children’s academic progress. We offer a range of TAF (Teacher Assessment Framework) resources, including assessment materials and evidence booklets to help you check children’s mathematical understanding.
  • Interactive Maths VIdeos — We all know how much children love watching television and online videos. So why not combine their love of entertainment with education by using interactive maths videos as a home learning activity?
  • Teaching Slides — Teaching slides are a hugely popular teaching tool that can help with home lessons. Our slides use visual elements and diagrams to explain mathematical concepts and keep children engaged and focused.
  • Vocabulary and Discussion Cards — Our vocab flashcards can help children learn and remember important maths vocabulary in an interesting way. Flashcards are a fantastic resource for capturing children’s attention — children can focus on small snippets of information at a time. Our discussion cards can also help children consolidate their understanding of maths ideas by encouraging them to explain concepts in writing or conversation.

Why Join Master the Curriculum?

Access Teacher-Approved Maths Resources

As a parent or carer, it can be difficult to know what sort of resources can help your little ones practice and improve their maths skills. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best primary maths resources.

All of our resources are designed by teachers who know the National Curriculum like the back of their hand. So every one of the learning materials you’ll find on Master the Curriculum is designed to help children meet important learning objectives and follow the curriculum.

We Offer Hundreds of Free Resources

We believe all children should have access to high-quality learning materials, so hundreds of our primary maths resources are available completely free of charge. All you need to do to access them is sign up for a free membership using the above form.

As a free member, you can also access our premium resources — you’ll just need to pay a fee per resource. Or if you want to unlock access to all of our resources, you can upgrade to one of our premium membership options. 

Waste No Time in Finding the Right Learning Materials

We know that finding the right resources for children can take a lot longer than it should — that’s one of the reasons why we started Master the Curriculum in the first place. We wanted to make sure parents and teachers could find the right resources as quickly as possible.

Once you sign up for a Master the Curriculum membership, you’ll have an abundance of suitable and engaging resources at your fingertips. All of our materials are categorised by Year group, and within each year group, you’ll find resources for every topic on the maths curriculum.

You can find, download and print resources in a matter of minutes.

So sign up for a Master the Curriculum membership and start using our primary maths resources straight away.