Common Exception Words Pack

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Common Exception Words Pack

The pack (4 sets) includes activities that allow children to practise the spelling of common exception words (2014 National Curriculum). Each presentation focuses on a set of high frequency words and includes the overview guidance, whiteboard teaching and answer slides, printable activities (Look Say Cover Write & Check, word search, correct spelling search, dictation, choose the correct spelling, spell check), games (caterpillar game, dice games, bingo), challenge cards, flash cards, spelling lists to take home and homework.

Set 1: the, to, of, you, was, is, he, she, me, my, I, are;

Set 2: a, do, today, his, said, your, they, has, be, go, we, like;

Set 3: by, one, ask, put, push, pull, full, some, so, come, no, when;

Set 4: friend, house, once, were, school, where, there, says, love, here, our, why


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