Common Exception Words Pack

Common Exception Words Pack The pack (4 sets) includes activities that allow children to practise the spelling of common exception words (2014 National Curriculum). Each presentation focuses on a set of high frequency words and includes the overview guidance, whiteboard teaching and answer slides, printable activities (Look Say Cover Write & Check, word search, correct spelling search, dictation, choose the correct spelling, spell check), games (caterpillar game, dice games, bingo), challenge cards, flash cards, spelling lists to take home and homework. Set 1: the, to, of, you, was, is, he, she, me, my, I, are; Set 2: a, do, today, his, said, your, they, has, be, go, we, like; Set 3: by, one, ask, put, push, pull, full, some, so, come, no, when; Set 4: friend, house, once, were, school, where, there, says, love, here, our, why
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