Subitising Snap

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Subitising Snap

This game supports children’s subitising skills, as well as developing the understanding that amounts can be shown in different ways and 1:1 correspondence.  It will also develop children’s memory recall, as well as supporting PSED and CL (communication and language) skills.

How to play: to develop subitising skills use the cards 1-5.

Cut cards out and ensure they are all facing down. Child to turn over two cards at once and if the amounts match, if they do the child get to keep the cards, if not then they put the cards back and it is the next child’s turn.

Encourage children to use their subitising skills (to recognise amounts without counting)

This can also be played as a game of snap.

To develop children’s understanding of amounts 1-10 and 1:1 correspondence play the game the same as above with cards 1-10, encouraging children to count amounts with the cards beyond 5.


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