Understand the relationship between powers of 10 from 1 hundredth to 10 million (7)

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Pupils should know that each power of 10 is equal to 1 group of 10 of the next smallest power of 10, for example 1 million is equal to 10 hundred thousands.

Language focus “10 hundred-thousands is equal to 1 million.”

Pupils must also understand the relationships between non-adjacent powers of 10 up to a scaling by 1,000 or 1 thousandth (or grouping of up to 1,000 of a given power).

Language focus “10 thousands is equal to 10,000.” “10,000 is 10 times the size of 1,000.” “1,000 is one-tenth times the size of 10,000.”

Pupils must also be able to write multiples of these powers of 10, including when there are more than 10 of a given power of 10, for example, 18 hundred thousands is written as 1,800,000. Pupils should be able to restate the quantity in the appropriate power of 10, for example 18 hundred thousands is equal to 1 million 8 hundred thousand.

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