Year Five NCETM Ready to Progress Supporting Resources

Supporting the Ready to Progress Criteria

Welcome to our Ready to Progress Hub! We know how important pupil’s progress is for all teachers and educators so we have provided resources aligned with the Ready to Progress Criteria in order to make assessments without having to search around for particular objectives. We have them all ready to go in order to save you time!

What are the Ready-to Progress Criteria?

The NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) have identified key objectives that children should meet by the end of the year.

The criteria is selected parts of the curriculum that have been identified as priority. If a child is taught the objectives from this criteria and the objectives are met, pupils will be able to more easily access many of the elements of the curriculum that are not covered by this guidance.

We are excited to be able to provide resources to help the children in your class make progress and have the confidence to access all parts of the maths curriculum.

Using the Ready to Progress Criteria to help children Master the Maths Curriculum:

The Rady to Progress criteria worksheets can be used in many ways. The resources can be used

  • As part of a ‘catch up curriculum’
  • Small groups who may need additional help
  • SEND groups
  • To inform your planning and assessments

When using the resources at the beginning of the year, it is advised to use material from the previous year group.

Year Five NCETM Resources