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Year 2 is an exciting time for children. They’ve completed their first year of formal education and they’re ready to tackle more advanced lessons.

Children will spend Year 2 working towards the end of their Key Stage 1 journey. They’ll continue developing foundational knowledge in core subjects and by the end of the year, they’ll be ready and keen to embrace more complex lessons and a more independent learning style.

As for Year 2 maths, children will consolidate their knowledge of maths fundamentals while developing their maths reasoning and problem-solving abilities. When it comes to making sure children engage with the Year 2 maths curriculum, learning resources are hugely important. The best learning materials will help children see just how fun maths can be — they’ll get children excited to learn.

Master the Curriculum is here to provide teachers and parents with all of the Year 2 maths resources they need to help children embrace learning with a smile. From maths worksheets to teaching slides, to interactive videos, our resources can help children master maths and have fun while doing so.

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What Types Of Year 2 Teaching Resources Do We Offer?

Year 2 White Rose Maths Resources: Learning Materials That Support Teaching For Mastery

Millions of parents, teachers and children all over the UK have discovered the incredible benefits of the White Rose Maths approach. White Rose is all about teaching for mastery, showing all children that they have the potential to become confident mathematicians and encouraging little ones to have fun with number problems.

Here at Master the Curriculum, we’re big fans of the White Rose approach, which is why our Year 2 maths resources are aligned with the White Rose Maths frameworks and small steps to progression.By using our resources to follow the White Rose small steps, you can help children become enthusiastic maths whizzes. They’ll develop a deep understanding of basic maths concepts, and with strong foundational knowledge, they’ll be ready and excited to tackle more challenging number problems as the year goes on.

Our White Rose-style resources are also differentiated (by complexity, not by number), making them perfect for children with varying levels of attainment. Pupils who grasp concepts more quickly than others can deepen their understanding with more complex fluency tasks, rather than move on to new content and topics ahead of their classmates. This way, you can make sure your whole class moves through content at the same pace — no one falls behind or misses out on learning opportunities.

Want to learn more about White Rose Maths and how our resources support this approach? Head over to our Supporting White Rose Maths Hub, where you’ll find everything you need to know and more!

The Year 2 Maths Curriculum: What Will Children Learn?

The Year 2 maths curriculum focuses on making sure children develop a breadth of mathematical knowledge. The lessons children learn during this school year will act as the building blocks for more advanced learning when they progress to Key Stage 2.

So children in Year 2 will study a variety of interconnected maths topics:
*Number and Place Value
*Addition and Subtraction
*Multiplication and Division

By exploring each of these topics, children will develop well-rounded mathematical understanding and reasoning abilities.

Resources And Worksheets For The Year 2 Maths Curriculum

As a team of teachers, we know effective teaching resources and maths worksheets can play a huge role in helping children learn and apply mathematical ideas. The right resources will be engaging and fun to complete — they’ll challenge children and spark curiosity. So we’ve created a wide variety of educational and enjoyable Year 2 maths resources for all abilities.

The types of resources you’ll find on Master the Curriculum include maths worksheets, teaching slides, vocab cards, interactive maths videos and Teacher Assessment Framework (TAF) resources.

Why Use Our Year 2 Maths Worksheets And Resources?

Parents and teachers often spend hours trying to find the best learning materials for the classroom and at-home learning. But Master the Curriculum is here to make sourcing Year 2 maths resources as easy as possible.

We have hundreds of maths resources you can download in a flash. We carefully design each resource to bring maths lessons to life and help children master the Year 2 maths curriculum.

Our Resources Are Both Fun and Educational

As teachers, we know education and fun go hand in hand to help children achieve academic success.

So our Year 2 maths worksheets and teaching resources are designed to be enjoyable as well as educational. They include fun visual elements and give children the chance to apply their mathematical knowledge to imaginative situations. Using resources from Master the Curriculum, teachers and parents can help children develop a love of learning.

Help Children Apply Mathematical Knowledge

The Year 2 maths curriculum aims to help children develop their problem-solving abilities. So our resources give children the chance to apply their maths skills to different situations. They use fun and colourful imagery and imaginative scenarios to create different contexts.

Our resources help children see maths is an important part of everyday life and that maths skills can apply to just about any situation.

We Have Year 2 Maths Resources for All Abilities

Every child is unique, which means different children progress at different rates. But every child has the potential to master maths, with the right help. So we’ve created a variety of differentiated maths worksheets that can help children of all abilities master Year 2 maths lessons.

These worksheets are differentiated by complexity rather than by number, so all children can work and challenge themselves within learning objectives.

Perfect for Use in the Classroom or at Home

Parents and teachers can easily and instantly download Master the Curriculum resources. They’re perfect for using in the classroom to complement lessons, or for at-home learning.

Our packs of worksheets and teaching slides can help teachers plan several lessons in advance, while resources such as our “10 Minute Maths” activities are great for quick homework tasks.

Streamline Lesson Planning

Finding resources to accompany lesson plans is often one of the most time-consuming aspects of lesson planning. But with a Year 2 Master the Curriculum membership, you’ll have access to all of the maths resources you could ever need, all in one place.

Our collection of resources also includes packs of weekly editable worksheets and teaching slides, which can help you plan week to week lessons for each term.

Access All Of Our Year 2 Resources

Accessing our Year 2 maths resources couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is choose the membership option that’s right for you, and download the resources of your choice.

Many of our maths worksheets are completely free. All you need to do is sign up for a free account. Then you can instantly download and print any of our free maths worksheets. You can also purchase any of our premium resources.

However, if you want to gain unlimited access to all of our resources — free and premium — you can sign up for an annual membership.

A Year 2 Membership is just £55 a year and it will give you access to all of our Year 2 resources, including worksheets, teaching slides, interactive videos and more. Or if you’d rather unlock all of our primary maths resources, for Years 1-6, you can sign up for a Full Access membership for just £77 per year.

Browse Our Year 2 Maths Resources By Topic

We have maths resources for every topic on the Year 2 maths curriculum to help children master all angles of Year 2 maths. From number and place value activities to statistics vocabulary cards, our extensive range of Year 2 learning materials can help children explore new mathematical ideas and practice skills to improve their mathematical fluency.

To help you find the right resources for your lessons or at-home learning sessions, we’ve organised our Year 2 maths resources by topic.

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